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Education for Africa and Scholarships

Association for the Advancement of Africa, Inc. views the present state of education in Africa as lacking in innovation and lack of providing an appropriate and relevant curriculum that prepares its youth for the global market.  Most of the education systems were set up during the colonial era and have overgrown their usefulness for the present needs of the youth in a globalized world.  Almost 80% of graduates do not find employment and do not possess the needed skills needed by the labor market.  There is indeed a great disconnect between the national curricular and the labor market.  The youth and parents find themselves investing in and receiving an education that is neither relevant nor beneficial.  Improving the quality of education and ensuring high quality skilled population is one of the critical game changers to realizing a basic quality of life and standard of living. In order to develop a well-educated, skilled and innovative labor force, our governments must give addressing the underlying causes of the deteriorating quality of education in all institution a priority.


As we endeavor to challenge national governments to provide a relevant curriculum that meets the labor market skills, we are identifying and providing organizations across the globe that provide scholarships to African students. We view the present  education challenge as an opportunity to agitate for change and initiative to help us ensure that our youth are better prepared to meet and manage the unique opportunities that our global partners are providing.  We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.

Competitive Scholarship and Grant Programs for African International Students

Through our Global Partners, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the lives of many of our youth and future leaders. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Association for the Advancement of Africa, Inc., and a source of much  success. 


WE know that trying to advance your studies and prepare for the present labor market can sometimes be minding boggling.  We have tried to make it as easy for you as possible by providing resources that offer scholarships to African students, at all levels of education, from different parts of the world. Below is a list of partners that offer scholarships and grants annually. You will need to subscribe to their newsletter to receive a list of scholarships not necessarily given annually. Scholarships and grants do not just happen, YOU MUST GET ON THE WEBSITE, READ ABOUT THE REQUIREMENTS, INCLUDING DEADLINES, AND APPLY!!!  If you do not apply, you will never avail yourself to opportunities that are offered all over the world to supprt your academic journey and improving your status in life.


Open scholarships will be sent as soon as they are announced by the relevant institutions, usually once a week.  While our national governments make steps to provide a relevant curriculum, please be proactive in managing your future.  DO NOT WAIT TO BE SERVED; DETERMINE YOUR LOT IN LIFE.


If you have the resources to be part of this initiative, please get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand; the future of our Continent depends on it.


The list of links below also includes organizations that grant scholarships.  The list is not exhaustive but it provides a starting point for your future aspirations in education and the future of Africa.

For those who reside in the USA, there are many types of scholarships, grants and programs to assist with your education. YOUR GPA MATTERS BEGINNING WITH MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Even though a 2.5 GPA will land you some form of financial Aid, maintaining 3.5 GPA will always land you the best chance at having a free ride through college at most of the IVY Colleges. 


Your SAT score of atleast 1350 and higher will also land you a scholarship. Sometimes, colleges consider your score on PSAT which you can take during your 9th grade is very helpful and I have known many students in IB and AP classes who have been offered full academic scholarships to IVY schools in the Junior year in High School.


Take advantage of programs such as International Baccalaureate (IB) and AP which yield very high chances of acquiring fully paid academic scholarships in IVY Schools.  These programs are offered for free in Public schools in the USA for FREE. Also available to you in Public schools are Early College Programs where your child spends two years of high school after 8 Grade and transitions to a junior college for two years and transfers to a College or University with 2 years worth of credits which means they only spend two years to earn there First degree. The Public Schools also offer dual enrollment starting in the Junior year with college credits that transfer to any college in the country.

Watch out for Scholarships offered by Canada because some of them have citizenship considerations for foreign students attached to them.

Types of Scholarship:

Grants: Schools may award grants to qualified students in addition to those available through the government to those who qualify.

Scholarships: Your grades, heritage, religious affiliation, and other factors may qualify you for these.

Student loans: The advisor you speak to may know if the school you are matched with offers private loans and which federal loans you may be eligible to pursue.

Military options: If you are or were in the military, be sure to ask an ROTC officer, Counselor, military Recruiting officer or a counsellor at your school you plan to attend what your funding options are.



Work Study Programs

Athletic Scholarships

Specialization Scholarships

Talent Scholarships


Ethnic Grants

Women empowerment grants

Non for profit Scholarships




Please write us to let us know whenever you get a scholarship.


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