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About the Author

Dr. Sunday-Joseph Otengho, PhD, PhD, is a former Associate Superintendent of Schools, an Author, PanAfricanist, Speaker, Theologian, Historian and an Educator.  A native of both Kenya and Uganda, moved to the USA in 1981. He is the Founder and CEO of Association for the Advancement of Africa, Inc. created in 2000 and Founder of Hope Urban Ministries, Inc.  Dr. Otengho holds an AA, BA, MA, M.Div., PhD., and a second PhD. in Education, Globalization, Communication, Divinity and Business from Daystar University, Covenant College, Covenant Seminary, Converse College, La Sale University and Northcentral University respectively.

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         The aim of this ANALYSIS and MANUAL is to render the teaching and study of classical Kiswahili simple and interesting.  While there are a number of Swahili grammars in English that are used by teachers and students, my experience in teaching Kiswahili has made it clear that a more simple, direct and reasonable system could be devised than is presently available.  From conversations with other teachers of Swahili during my visits to Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam, it has become evident to me that there is a genuine need for a grammar which would make the study of the language challenging enough to the university student and, at the same time, simple and attractive to the high school student.

         This manual is also a fulfillment of a deep conviction and dream I have carried with me since I set foot in America and have personally experienced an alienation which has rendered nearly sixty percent of the African-American community rootless.  This experience, coupled with the neo-colonial struggle that is taking on a new and active dimension, encouraged me to make this humble contribution in an effort to help spark a stream of changes that will flow unhindered in this generation.  Change is absolutely necessary if the floodgates of liberty and justice will be opened for Africans and citizens of other countries who are enslaved to the DOOR OF RETURN.

         As a machine of communication among many cultures, ethnicities, and traditions, KISWAHILI contributed to the expanding network of affiliations of the people of East Africa, Southern and Central Africa. Kiswahili played an important role in this new phenomenon of African Nationalism and Resistance to colonial imperialism and colonialism. Therefore, Kiswahili should, must and is playing a role in the Redefinition and Reconstruction of Africa’s Unity, Identity and Liberation.


I             With this in mind, I have set my hand to the task of presenting a manual that will enable anyone interested in Africa and her peoples to learn a language that will contribute to thier greater understanding of the aforementioned as well as open up a door of opportunity and communication that will broaden the learner’s horizons in every area of life.


         May you find a new and exciting world unfold before you as you begin this task of language learning. I Invite you to enter the world of an emerging continent; AFRICA and its DIASPORA. Click Here to Get a Copy 



Dr. Otengho is an adherent advocate of PanAfricanist principles that endeavor to unify the African continent by agitating for the Opening up of Colonial boarders to allow free mobility amongst peoples of Africa, Taking away Visa Requirement, Creating a One Afro-Currency, One Economic System,  Connecting all African capitals through free trade amongst African countries and Construction of an Interconnected Transportation systems, Eradication of Corruption, Promotion of Responsible Governance, Building of strong and stable Democratic Institutions, Constructive Engagement of the African Diaspora with the Continent, the Building of Responsible Resource Management that allows for Africa to become Self-reliant and away from West or East dependence and Creating a Relevant, One Defence Command and an Enabling Education Curriculum System for the African Continent-ALL CULMINATING INTO ONE AFRICAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Connected by Regional Administrations.
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